Why You Should Never Give Up

Why do you think you should never give up?I think you should never give up because others might be looking up to you,so you can be successful,and lastly so you don’t procrastinate.You never know when some ones watching you and that one little thing can make a big differnce in ones life.If you give up you’re not even giveing yourself the chance to be successful.Every one knows the first step to being successful is never giveing up. And I mean who dosn’t  want to be successful.Last but not least don’t give up so you don’t procrastinate or avoid you pryorites.So say you get your homework  on Monday and it’s do Friday.If you give up you’ll start procrastinateing and wait untill Thursday night to do your homework.So for next time remember this story and mabye you won’t give up.


If I was an elf I would help Santa by making toys,buying toys,and whatever you need.Making toys is very important and very hard.If you want to make a toy you need lots of power tools.If that’s to hard then just buy a toy.You can shop at Walmart,Target,and Amazon Prime.I can also do whatever you like.I can pack the presents,get the reindeer ready,and lastly helping Santa himself.As you can see if I was an elf I would help Santa by making toys,buying toys,and whatever you need.

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